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Suminoe for Beginners


This is a guide that will help you enjoy Boat Race Suminoe, whether this is your first time at a boat race, or just your first time at Suminoe.

Among fans, Suminoe is the boat race stadium that they would most like to visit among all stadiums in Japan.

Boat Race Suminoe, located in Suminoe Ward, Osaka City, is a boat race stadium that has enjoyed a high level of popularity since it's opening in 1956. It boasts large numbers of visitors and a large volume of betting sales.The top race in the country, the SG Grand Prix, has been held at Suminoe 29 times* out of the past 34 races.

*As of 2019

Night races are held only here in Kinki Area!

Except in some cases, Nighters (night races) are held here. The stadium opens from 14:30 to 21:00, so that even on a work day, it's easy to stop by and watch some races.

*Opening times can vary depending on the races.

Easy access from Umeda and Namba, in the heart of Osaka City!

The closest station is Suminoe Park Station on the Yotsubashi Subway Line. It takes 20 minutes from Nishi Umeda Station and 15 minutes from Namba Station. It's a 3-minute walk from the station to the race stadium. The passageway is covered, so you don't have to worry about getting wet on rainy days.

Access Information

Racers from the Osaka subdivision and local racers include popular and skilled champions!

More than 100 racers from the Osaka subdivision and local racers make up the large Suminoe home pool. Among the racers, there are six SG champions, and among these, there are four SG Grand Prix champions. There are also many female racers and young racers, making this one of the leading powerhouses in the country.

*As of 2019

Directory of Racers in Osaka Subdivision

Getting there

This route guide from the station ensures that you won't get lost!

Get off the train at Suminoe Koen Station, and go up either the A or B stairway...

Exit through the North Ticket Gate...

Go through the corridor to Exit No. 2 and climb the stairs...

Boat Park Suminoe!

Pay the 100-yen entry fee at the gate, and you're in!

Purchasing ticket

How to purchase betting tickets for the race

First get a race table at the entrance, and make your predictions.

Put your choices on an OMR betting card.

How to fill out an OMR betting card

①Insert money and the OMR betting card into the vending machine.
②Confirm your choices and amount of money you bet on the screen.
③Press the Calculation button.

Support for Beginners

Information Desk Beginner's Help Desk

The staff here will explain everything from the rules of racing to how to purchase betting tickets in an easy-to-understand manner.

Aqua Concierge

The Aqua Concierge fulfills the requests of customers, from showing them around the facility to handing out racing forms, and more.

If you're unsure about how to select a winner...


Here you can receive advice such as how races are progressing and information on selecting winners. For just 100 yen, they'll show you exactly how to buy tickets.

Aqua Live Predictions

Reporters who know Suminoe well are in attendance at every race, and you can check their predictions easily using your smartphone.

Vital Bookmark!
Aqua Live Predictions

How to Read Race Tables

Aggregated Results Period

Nationwide Results: The past six months including the month of opening day (Today's results are not included.)

Results for This Stadium: The past three years, including the month of opening day (Today's results are not included.)

Watching races

Recommended Viewing Area by Purpose

Firm Fans

Drinks Section 1st Floor South Stand in front of the first marker

The first marker is the zone where you can observe the guts of the race as the racers battle it out before your eyes! You can feel the violent sprays of water and the noise of the engines in your skin as you experience the true thrill of boat racing.

I want to clearly see developments at the first marker! 2nd Floor Mach One Stand

From your position high up on the 2nd floor, you can see how the race develops from the start to the first marker. The most important point is that you can see all of the boats at one time.

Casual Fans

Watch the races while enjoying a meal! 1st Floor Casual Deck

These are terrace seats located centrally at the water's edge. Why not watch the races and enjoy a pleasant breeze while drinking beer and eating yakisoba at a group table?

I want to watch the races in comfort from reserved seats! 3rd and 4th Floors Paid Seating

Paid seating is recommended if you want to be sure that you have a seat to watch the races. Reservations start from 1,500 yen, and there is a variety of seating choices, from single seats and pair seating to private rooms for groups.

Paid seating lineup

Rabid Fans

I want to observe the entrance and approach of the boats and the start of the race from close up! 1st Floor North Stand

This position is located behind the North Stand, and from here you can see the entrance and approach of the boats, the start of the race, and marker two from very close up. From this excellent position, you can see the racers' faces and the direction of their gazes, and they can hear your shouts of support.

*The North Stand may be closed, depending on the race.